Basil Botha, MBA




Executive Chairman and President , Director

Mr. Botha brings more than 30 years international coal mining and marketing experience to Lithium Energy Products  Mr. Botha has extensive  knowledge of the minerals  and metals  markets  in Japan,Taiwan  and  South  Korea  where  he  supplied  lithium  to  the       ceramics  and  glass  industry  from  Bikita Minerals’ mines in Zimbabwe. In addition he has extensive knowledge of Canadian capital markets and the junior mining sector.

In addition to his Lithium Energy Products commitments, Mr. Botha is a  Chairman of Nordic Gold Inc. (NOR).

He is past Chairman of Lithium America’s (“LAC”) and past  President   and   Chief   Executive  Officer  of  G4G ("G4G"), Resources  Ltd. as well as past Chairman and CEO of Latin American Minerals (“LAT”),    all resource  companies  listed on the TSX-V.


Mr. Botha holds an MBA from the University  of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. 

James Walker

CEO and Director

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